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The Creative Producer is a production company specialising in creative development, branded and social-media content, feature films, TV series, documentary and novel/book development.

We collaborate with production companies, producers, directors, writers, journalists and entrepreneurs to create new and untold stories for today’s thriving, ever-changing market. We also mentor writers who have a novel or book they want to write and offer strategy sessions, editing and ghostwriting.

We’re an Irish-based business working online with creative teams across the globe (unless required on set). We have a number of projects in active development and production.

Our focus is unique stories that inspire change.

Who we are


We’re a husband-and-wife team that has been working creatively together for 17 years. We have diverse backgrounds in writing and producing for film, TV, documentaries, advertising and events. This experience brings a multi-layered approach to our work as we understand big visionary ideas, budget constraints and also how much love and hard work goes into getting a project off the ground.

Collaborative communication is how we work, we feel it’s key to success.

Holli Massey

After working in Melbourne in advertising and film, Holli teamed up with Jeremy to develop the novel, The Last Four Days of Paddy Buckley, which was published by Penguin, New York, in 2015. Capitalising on their diverse skills in creative industries, Holli and Jeremy started The Creative Producer in 2019.

Holli brings 20 years’ experience across narrative and execution, having produced content in China, India, Australia, UK and Ireland, and she has managed every type of film set. But her love is for developing novels, books, documentaries and film projects that deeply explore the human condition and shine a light on hidden truths.

Her latest documentary project, MILLION DOLLAR KIDS, is an exposé of the dangers facing young people as they navigate their way through the digital age, and an eye-opening enquiry into the exponential rise in online and image-based abuse. This is a philanthropic film, told and made by young people for young people.

Holli’s creative focus includes health & wellness, nutrition, psychology, stories that explore the human condition and current global issues.


Jeremy Massey

Jeremy Massey is a prolific and versatile Irish writer, teacher and mentor who’s been featured in Esquire magazine, interviewed on radio and television, and has been featured in newspapers around the world.

His novel, The Last Four Days of Paddy Buckley, is currently in development as a TV series. Jeremy has multiple TV series and films in development and is currently writing scripts for various producers and production companies in Ireland and America.

Jeremy is directing a documentary early 2023, while continuing to mentor clients from around the world as they develop and write their own scripts and novels.

Jeremy can ghostwrite your novel or book, develop concept bibles for film and television projects or write a screenplay for you.

His creative focus includes psychological thrillers, drama, biopics and comedy.


Our Partners

Branded & Social Media Content

Ben McDonald is Big Style Media House. After establishing himself for almost a decade as Head of Video & Design at Huskies Digital Creative Agency, Ben set out to create a close network of filmmakers offering services of creative direction, photography, editing and graphic design.

Big Style Media House and The Creative Producer team up to creatively develop, produce and direct branded and social-media content for people and agencies that have important stories to tell. With our combined experience we can execute beautiful content around the world for budgets big and small.



Play House Studios is an independent studio making innovative and creative work that adds value to the entertainment industry through state of the art post-production solutions and strategic investment.

Play House Studios and The Creative Producer team up to develop, write, direct and produce film, TV and documentary projects. Based in Ireland, we work online across the globe and see each other on set when needed.


Some projects in development

Hover over boxes for plot synopsis, or click to see on tablet or phone.

Million Dollar Kids

Million Dollar Kids

Million Dollar Kids explores the dangers of young people being online and the exponential rise of digital and image based abuse.

Documentary film

The Last Four Days of Paddy Buckley

The Last Four Days of Paddy Buckley

A dark and unexpected novel about a Dublin undertaker who finds himself on the wrong side of the Irish mob.


The Last Four Days of Paddy Buckley

Paddy Buckley, a grieving widower and Dublin undertaker, accidentally knocks down and kills Donal Cullen, a dangerous criminal, and is subsequently enlisted to make the funeral arrangements with Donal’s brother, Vincent, Dublin’s underworld boss, who vows to torture and murder his brother’s killer.

TV series

The Actress

The Actress

The Actress is a gothic horror about a woman at odds with the world around her, a world she batters and robs from to realise her dream, only to end up paying for her crimes with everything she holds dear.

Feature film

Work with us

Producing – Branded and Social-Media Content – Project Development – Writing – Directing – Documentaries – Screenplays – TV Series – Film & TV Bibles – Ghostwriting – Novel & Book Mentoring/Producing.

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