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We’re a husband-and-wife team that has been working creatively together for 17 years. We have diverse backgrounds in writing and producing for film, TV, documentaries, advertising and events. This experience brings a multi-layered approach to our work as we understand big visionary ideas, budget constraints and also how much love and hard work goes into getting a project off the ground.

Collaborative communication is how we work, we feel it’s key to success.

Holli Massey

After working in Melbourne in advertising and film, Holli teamed up with Jeremy to develop the novel, The Last Four Days of Paddy Buckley, which was published by Penguin, New York, in 2015. Capitalising on their diverse skills in creative industries, Holli and Jeremy started The Creative Producer in 2019.

Holli brings 20 years’ experience across narrative and execution, having produced content in China, India, Australia, UK and Ireland, and she has managed every type of film set. But her love is for developing novels, books, documentaries and film projects that deeply explore the human condition and shine a light on hidden truths.

Her latest documentary project, MILLION DOLLAR KIDS, is an exposé of the dangers facing young people as they navigate their way through the digital age, and an eye-opening enquiry into the exponential rise in online and image-based abuse. This is a philanthropic film, told and made by young people for young people.

Holli’s creative focus includes health & wellness, nutrition, psychology, stories that explore the human condition and current global issues.


Jeremy Massey

Jeremy Massey is a prolific and versatile Irish writer, teacher and mentor who’s been featured in Esquire magazine, interviewed on radio and television, and has been featured in newspapers around the world.

His novel, The Last Four Days of Paddy Buckley, is currently in development as a TV series. Jeremy has multiple TV series and films in development and is currently writing scripts for various producers and production companies in Ireland and America.

Jeremy is directing a documentary early 2023, while continuing to mentor clients from around the world as they develop and write their own scripts and novels.

Jeremy can ghostwrite your novel or book, develop concept bibles for film and television projects or write a screenplay for you.

His creative focus includes psychological thrillers, drama, biopics and comedy.


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