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The Creative Producer is a powerful and thriving community of filmmakers, writers, artists, freethinkers and renegades who want to tell their life-changing stories through creative expression.

It’s a dynamic place where we mentor, inspire and empower ethically-driven creatives to turn their ideas into real, finished projects from start to finish.

The world is evolving at such a fast pace and people everywhere are hungry and ready to tell their stories and bring real change through creative action.

And in this new world, there’s no better time to be who you’re really called to be. This is your creative revolution.

Working with a Creative Producer and receiving mentorship from industry professionals will allow you to write a book, create conscious art, develop a web series, start a film festival or lead a social movement. Whatever YOU want to create.

You can accomplish your creative vision and bring your dreams to life.

“Be proud of who you are and what you want to share with the world.”

Becoming Real In An UnReal World

In that small but pivotal moment I knew I was here to bring change in a different way. It was time to leave. And it was time to make that change.

I was in Mumbai, producing a campaign for a multi-million-dollar brand.

At the time, I had my own commercial production company in Melbourne. We’d landed a big client which should’ve been exciting, but instead I had a niggling dissatisfaction– a knowing deep inside me that my actions weren’t aligned with who I was.

Mumbai was amazing. In the hustle and bustle of this incredibly colourful city, I was in my element. We had a wonderful team of filmmakers and we were looked after famously.

The people were so kind. And everything ran like a swiss watch.

But when we arrived on set, I was enveloped with an unsettling feeling that had plagued me for years. Although this time, the feeling erupted into a deeper awakening of understanding my purpose.

I was standing in a city slum with some of the most beautiful people I’d seen. And there I was– facilitating the exploitation of this kind and open-hearted community for the profit of a huge multinational company through their advertising campaign.

To be fair, this particular company was one of the more ethically-inclined, they had a terrific hard-working team. It was the advertising industry itself that had worn me down.

The breakthrough awakening I experienced just days before had completely flipped my perspective and stopped me in my tracks.

Lights, Camera, Action: TV And Film Production

Before my eyes were opened by a deeply spiritual experience, I spent over 20 years working in film and tv production. At 16, I landed my first gig as a production assistant in Melbourne where we filmed a commercial for a leading Australian dairy brand. I began a teaching degree at 18, but the lure of the film world pulled me back. It was creative and fascinating and full of remarkable and intriguing people. So, I decided to take a full-time production role instead. At 21, I was production managing commercials for Renegade Films, one of Melbourne’s top film production companies– I’d never had so much fun. Since then, I‘ve production managed and produced hundreds of tv commercials throughout Australia, Asia, UK and Ireland. Plus, I’ve managed films and art residencies, produced short films, installations, as well as screen content and projection-mapping projects for events. My job took me to incredible locations and gave me memorable experiences. I worked with some of the most talented people in the business, and I had the money to travel the world whenever I liked. And though I loved the people and found many of the projects interesting, I couldn’t nurture or express my full creative vision. I couldn’t explore what I felt was important. In reality, I wouldn’t allow myself to drop into who I really wanted to be. Who I really was. Instead, I was doing what I thought I should do. But, I had an aching desire to do more.

Looking For A New Lens

Throughout the years, I’ve always felt an ethical responsibility to serve, engage and grow. This deep desire to work globally and serve a wider community at a grass-roots level has been with me since the age of 8.

I’ve been fortunate to travel extensively and do voluntary work in Mongolian schools, with street children, health care professionals and the wider community in West Kenya. I’ve also taught English to Sudanese refugees in Melbourne. 

Currently, I have a community arts project in Kenya in development– an exciting opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people who share the same goals. 

But back then, I still wasn’t clear on my path forward. Like most people, I was conditioned to believe that working hard was what mattered and that what we desired was just that.  

What I really desired seemed less important. It took second place to hard work. And behind it all, the more I imagined, the more my imagination ran wild. 

Waking Up And Stepping Into My Power

My production company was humming along nicely. We were a great team and “successful”– we put a million dollars through the company in our first year. But something just didn’t feel right. I yearned for more.

The anxiety in my body was heavy. It sat deep in my gut. I started doing loads of personal development, saw a variety of healers and attended workshops. I became a yoga teacher and a Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant. I turned into an online course junkie, attending webinars and taking masterclasses in wellness, nutrition, social media marketing, film marketing and film finance.

I kept putting on a brave face, but the nagging feeling of being on the wrong path still ate at me.

It was starting to dawn on me that everything I wanted was right in front of me but I was choosing to look in the wrong direction. Fear had me chained to a part of myself. I was scared to let go.

Breakthrough To The Beginning

I decided to book a shamanistic healing retreat in the Australian rainforest with 3 girlfriends. I booked it well in advance — anyone who has worked in advertising will understand that having time to yourself doesn’t really exist. Weekends away can be ripped from under your feet.

I was determined to not let that happen this time. But who was I to think I could control that outcome?

The weekend was nearing, and the job in Mumbai was on and then off, on and then off again. And then it was on. I found out two days before my retreat that I had to fly to Mumbai the following week to shoot 4 television commercials, leaving me two days to prep everything. The stress was stacked.

Normally, I’d cancel everything for work, especially when running a new business, but this time I decided I wouldn’t.

I needed to honour myself and what my body was telling me. If what I’d heard about these retreats was true, then I was in for one hell of a revelation. The idea made me nervous and apprehensive. As much as I wanted to change, the prospect of where this deeper knowledge and understanding could take me was scary. The drive to hit this head-on was otherworldly, I started to realise I was being guided by something larger than myself.

My retreat in the rainforest ended up being a massive catharsis and hinge point in my life. It took me to a whole new level of understanding and depth that I previously couldn’t access. It completely changed my perspective. For the first time, I felt like the real me. Instead of questioning the greater reality of life, or trying to find its meaning, I felt intrinsically connected to it. My passion for life and people made sense. It made me excited to step into a new world. And it was now time to take those steps.

It was time to implement what the plant medicines had taught me.

I possessed the gift of knowledge. And that knowledge is power.

That knowledge is what gave me the courage to leave my business, change my life and start The Creative Producer.

I knew that I wanted to help ethically-minded people connect with themselves, release their stories and bring change to the world. That’s how I can collaborate with amazing people, use my creative gifts and do something real.

And since, I’ve worked on multiple exciting projects.

I’ve worked with my husband to publish his first book through Riverhead, Penguin Books in New York, which we’re turning into a film.

We have a tv series in development, co-producing with an Irish production company, and I’m in the process of producing a film in California (filming in 2020).

I’ve also managed an inspiring art residency in Ireland that produces powerful and imaginative site-responsive exhibitions.

I’d love to do this work with you too — whether you’ve never created a thing or you’re a successful artist.

Becoming ME

‘The magic happens outside your comfort zone. I’ll meet you there.’

Taking hold of your creative dreams and making them real is scary. It’s full of unknowns.
However, with the unknown, we always have a choice. You can choose fear or you can choose to trust the process and have faith.

Re-evaluating who you are and what you believe in is a special process. It means getting the answers you’ve been wanting for a long time.

It’s going to be tough. You have to wade through darkness and confusion. But the light and clarity waiting for you on the other side are more luminous than you’ve ever believed.

Be stronger than your fear. Take Action. Be the person who steps outside their comfort zone. Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do– write your story, use your voice, tell the world!

Be proud of who you are and what you want to do in life.

If you can think it, you can do it — sometimes you just need to be accountable to someone, sometimes support is exactly what you need.

I will share all my experiences with you. I will share my breakthrough. I will share my path out of the bubble. I will share my producer’s knowledge.

I will help make your creative dreams come true.

Tell Your Story. Change Your World.