Unleash Your Creative Magic

12 Month Mentoring Program

Live Your Creative Revolution

Have you been carrying a story deep inside you that needs to be told?

Are you driven to take action and create change but don’t know how?

Have you been afraid of using your voice in a BIGGER, LOUDER way?

Do you crave support from a community of like-minded freethinkers who empower you to be your creative, authentic self?

On the Page, On the Stage or On Screen:

Go From Idea To Completed Project In 12 Months!

With 12-month Creative Mentoring, you’ll embark on a breakthrough journey that unleashes your truth and brings your dream project to life. This is fun. Fulfilling. And fundamentally different.

Whether you’ve always wanted to create a film, art exhibition, book or social movement, you’ll have the guidance, tools, and mentorship to fully accomplish it.

This custom mentoring program gives you the services of a creative producer to get your project off the ground– with additional guidance to break through lifestyle challenges, creative blocks and the crap that holds you back.

During this process, you’ll experience a transformation that allows you to embrace who you really are, release your fears and do what you’ve always dreamed possible. And there’s nothing held back–I promise to share everything I know.

You’ll benefit from all 25 years of my production experience and industry contacts.

By the end of this personalised program, you’ll have executed a finished project/s and be implementing new ways of monetising what you want to do. There’s an opportunity to take yourself even further too by branding and marketing yourself and hitting a larger audience. I also offer additional services to assist with the different areas of your project and business, so always ask for whatever it is you need. Producers are incredibly resourceful human beings and can pull from a variety of different corners!

The best thing about this process is that you’ll own 100% of your work– you’ll have full control because this is your story.

During this 12-Month Creative Mentoring Program you’ll have:

Weekly Sessions to Keep You Accountable and On Track

  • Together, we’ll meet weekly for supportive and encouraging accountability meetings– to keep you focused and on track

  • We’ll identify your personal and creative goals, get clear on your desires and build a direct path to them by the end of the program

  • We’ll create an easy-to-follow schedule that suits your life– so you can accomplish your dream project no matter how busy your schedule is

  • I’ll share everything I know without holding back so you benefit from all of my experience in film, tv, book publishing, and more

  • You’ll meet with my community of creative mentors who will share their own stories, trials and tribulations to help get your project from idea to completion

Creative Mindset Shifting

  • Throughout this process, you’ll hit your blocks and obstacles head on. I’ll be here to support you and help you through

  • You’ll get unshakably clear on who you are, connect with your intuition and set your creativity free

  • By releasing limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, you’ll feel confident about the future– and everything it brings

  • You’ll discover a breakthrough process that gives you the answers you’ve been longing for– so you can finally be and do what you’ve always wanted

From Thinker To Doer

  • Unlock the creative potential that’s buried within. Through carefully-crafted exercises, you’ll find your voice, cultivate your creative gifts and expand with fresh creative ideas

  • Then you’ll be guided through a process to transform the ideas in your mind and make them real– no matter the medium

  • You’ll accomplish each step with support, empowerment and encouragement to get your dream project complete by the end of the program

Creative Incubator

  • You’ll develop a creative practice that unlocks your hidden creative juices and encourages fresh, fun, revolutionary ideas that spark change

  • You’ll release energy blocks that have stopped you in the past, tap into your creative flow and know how to capture those ideas easily

  • You’ll level-up your creative output and apply those new solutions to your project so they match your vision

  • You’ll get connected with a powerful group of revolutionary thinkers

Personal Transformation

  • You’ll overcome self-destructive habits and fear of rejection, criticism, failure or success and finally feel comfortable being your true self

  • With personal guidance, you’ll know what to do at every step so you’re not lost or clueless

  • You’ll take action even if you’re afraid, and no longer have to hide yourself (or hide from yourself)

  • You’ll feel free, confident and creatively fulfilled, and have a powerful sense of who you are, where you’re going and what you’re meant to do

  • You won’t be restricted by what family, friends, or society says you have to be, do or say– you’ll feel empowered to follow your truth and speak your story!

  • You’ll be the change you want to see in this world, with a completed project that inspires and motivates


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