By Holli Massey


It’s easy to sprout the words ‘trust your inner artist’ but what does it mean and how do you ‘trust your inner artist’.

Your inner artist is your deep creative wisdom that sits at the core of who you are. It’s your intuition. Your inner knowing, your direct knowledge that comes without rational thought or reasoning. It’s the coolest damn thing going around town and if you get to know it, nurture it and trust it, it won’t steer you in the wrong direction. It will have you creating your best work yet. We’ve all had those moments in life where something just ‘felt right’, well that’s where we want to be 100% of the time. It’s this place of knowing that helps us to grow and move forward with our creative dreams and it’s where we get to create heart-centered work that has real impact. Learning to trust your intuition from a creative perspective is called trusting your inner artist. Funnily though, we’re all creative in our own way, always finding creative solutions to problems everyday, so you could argue that we’re all artists, working on our colourful canvas called life.

Becoming best friends with our direct knowing allows our life to shine.

Not listening to what we’re being called to do creatively, is not honouring who we are as a person. We resist our calling and our creative dream becomes like a wild beast that doesn’t know how to escape or a lazy big giant sleeping deep inside who becomes harder and harder to wake. Life gets taken over by the stuff you don’t want to do, anxiety kicks in and you become aware of how you’re ‘just existing’. This is when you start to convince yourself that you’re not creative at all, the negative voices are nagging at you, they keep repeating the same words ‘you’re not creative, Bobby up the road is though, she’s a REAL artist’.

Let’s flip that mindset 180 degrees… become best friends with your inner artist, your wild beast, your lazy giant – give it some love, some space and allow it to have its own voice. When you have something inside that’s waiting to be expressed, that’s life’s way of telling you that you’re ready to take on a new challenge and step outside your comfort zone. Not honouring the story inside is perpetuating an unhealthy pattern and your amazing impactful idea and project never gets to see the light of day. And you don’t get to inspire and empower the people who are in need of hearing it.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine for a moment that you honour your dream idea.
Now take that dream idea and make it even bigger.
Write down what you see – what outcome you created?

Honouring and trusting your inner artist is liberating. Expressing yourself fully and being who you truly are is a special process. You emanate pure joy and happiness because you start following your creative bliss. Your story has a voice and people love it. They feel inspired by what you have to say and they start making changes in their own life because of it. You’re living your magic and the possibilities of a new way of thinking and expressing yourself are like nothing you ever thought you’d have.

It becomes difficult to not trust and listen yourself. This is a beautiful place to be.

So who is your inner artist?
What wisdom is inside you that you need to creatively express?
What story do you want to tell?
What movement do you want to create?
What sleeping giant waits to be woken inside you?

My next article will talk about 10 different pathways to connect to your inner artist.