From brainstorming ideas to blasting through creative blocks, a Creative Mentor helps to bring your dream creative project to life.

Kate works full-time as a programmer at an IT company. She has 2 kids she adores, a football-loving husband and a schnauzer named Ripley at home. 

But looking at her in her navy blazer, you’d never guess that she’s always dreamed about being a filmmaker.

When she was in university, she wrote a screenplay– she was (and still is) passionate about women’s rights, and her story highlighted her journey as a woman in a male-dominated industry. Subversive, funny and provocative, she always dreamed of bringing her story to film. But it never happened. 

Everytime she tried to share her screenplay, she got cold feet. She didn’t know anyone in the industry. She doesn’t know how to produce a film! And what if people hated her screenplay? Bogged down, she put the screenplay in a drawer, never bringing it to life.

Sound familiar?

The Role Of A Creative Mentor

Like Kate, millions of people are hungry to tell their story and bring change to the world through creative action. But most people never do it. They never realise their creative dreams. 

As a Creative Producer and Mentor, I help people with ethical stories tell them creatively. From concept to completion, I take you through a process so the project becomes a real, tangible thing. Whether you want to create a film, write a book, or host an art exhibition, I bring you through a breakthrough transformation that unleashes your creative potential and gets your project done.

It doesn’t matter what type of creative project you’re pursuing, the first step is uncovering and smashing through internal limitations. But, it sounds easier than it is. They’re called blind spots for a reason– you can’t see them tripping you up.

However, all blind spots manifest as excuses that hold you back. And these internal limitations take all kinds of different forms. They’re sneaky!

Maybe you’re afraid of being rejected. Maybe you worry that your ideas aren’t good enough. Or as soon as you start a project, you get distracted or procrastinate. All of these niggling habits are blind spots that stop us from pushing forward and completing the project. It’s self-sabotage that keeps you comfortable where you are right now, instead of wading out in unknown waters.

What Does A Creative Mentor Do?

When you work with a Creative Mentor, you embark on a journey of rediscovery. It helps you articulate your creative vision, recognize obstacles, bust through challenges that have held you back and successfully complete the project you’ve always imagined.

Through getting clear on your why, goal setting, accountability and creative expression, you’ll find your voice and have the confidence to set it free. By the end of this process, you won’t just have a completed work of art– you’ll develop skills, thinking and actionable expression that leads to your authentic self.

Why Does Creative Mentoring Work?

Creative mentoring is all about seeing challenges, overcoming blocks and solving problems through multiple perspectives. It’s so easy to become lost in limiting thoughts, self-destructive habits and blind spots and we don’t recognize that we have the tools to move forward. 

With a mentor on your side, you’ll see obstacles in a new way. With mindset shifting, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of who you are, where you want to be and how to get there. With coaching, you’ll have an accountability partner who keeps you focused and on-task so your project continues moving until completion.

Are All Creative Mentors The Same?

If you want to create a project that brings real change to the world, it’s crucial you find the right mentor for YOU. The creative process is fragile and sensitive. It’s important that you feel safe to let your wildest ideas breathe, play and expand. It’s also equally important to trust the process your mentor is designing.

This road is rewarding– but it isn’t easy. In the process, you’ll come face to face with fears. You’ll find hurdles in your path. You’ll trudge through darkness. However, with the right mentor, you’ll feel the fear and push through anyway. You’ll find brighter, sparkling light that creates meaningful, life-changing work. 

Plus, you want to find a mentor who’s willing to share everything they know. Creative fields are competitive, and unfortunately, there are many people who keep their best secrets, tips or contacts to themselves. When you’re trying to bring your project to life, it’s vital you have every tool at your fingertips to create real change in the world.

But Can’t I Do This On My Own?

Maybe. Maybe you can get your book written and published. Maybe you can produce the film that’s locked inside your heart. Maybe you can lead a global protest. 

So why haven’t you done it yet? What are you waiting for?

The truth is, most people go to their graves having never told their story. Most people dream about impacting the world with their message– but they never do it. What kind of world would we have if young environmentalist, Greta Thunburg, didn’t speak out? What about women’s rights activist, Ann Njogu? 

And you have something equally important to share. 

As a Creative Producer with 25 years experience in the film and tv industries, I’ve worked on hundreds of projects. And as someone who knows how tough the creative process is, it’s nearly impossible to get a project off the ground by yourself– especially if you don’t know how to clear common obstacles.

With Creative Mentoring, you’ll overcome the paralyzing fear of a blank canvas, destructive habits, limiting beliefs or lack of inspiration. Whatever you struggle with to complete your project, we tackle them head-on.  You’ll have someone to help harness your own creative process so you can successfully complete your work. 

Plus, you’ll have a community of artists and mentors to help you create the change you want to see in the world with your project.

Why Wait?

It doesn’t matter what your dream project is– as a creative producer and mentor who’s focused on helping you tell your life-changing story, you’ll benefit from ALL of my experience and my network of contacts. Nothing is held back to get your project off the ground. 

As a mentor, I offer the services of a creative producer to break through any obstacles that get in your way. From fears, to creative blocks, to a busy schedule, you’ll work with me weekly for 12 months so your project gets done…

I’d love to meet you. Schedule a FREE Session with me here and let’s get started.